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STOP “Working” for Free!

Whether you are a professional photographer, DJ, musician, website builder or any number of other creative-type jobs, it is likely you’ve come up against those individuals who are not only undercutting your already rock-bottom prices, but are doing the work for free. Yes… FREE. By inserting themselves into the workforce for no pay, the “free” workers are undermining not only......


Country Music: 1920 to 2016

(Obituary written by Dan Harr) Having survived through numerous major world conflicts, corporate radio dictations, the birth of hundreds of new and morphed musical genres and the evolution of hard-core “bro-country”, the musical style known as Country Music passed away …...


Trump-Clinton Poll

If the election were held today, Who would you vote for? Please answer our poll below and share this page with your friends. *** NOTE *** Because neither Jill Stein nor Gary Johnson have high enough poll numbers to be …...


America Needs CPR

When my wife and I travel across the country, we like to avoid interstates whenever possible. As long as time allows it, we take the back roads that wind along rivers, follow county lines and cross the open farm lands. We love to see the heartbeat of the country: the mom and pop stores, small-town diners, local businesses and more....


Joe Jackson Entertains Riverside, CA

In a career that spans nearly 40 years, Joe Jackson has taken several stylistic detours, encompassing everything from classical, jazz and reggae to new wave, jump blues and beyond. The excellent “Fast Forward,” which came out last October, is the British singer/pianist’s first album to contain all-original material since 2012’s “The Duke” (a tribute to jazz master Ellington)....

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NewTown – Harlan Road 

One of the best Bluegrass releases of the year so far is the new Harlan Road by the Lexington, Kentucky-based band NewTown. Solid vocal and instrumental work, combined with the songs of some great Southern writers, exemplify what this genre is all about on a collection of 11 wisely-chosen tunes....


Genre-Spanning Titles That Rock

Live albums, reissues, an impressive debut and an inspired return from Garbage are among the field of highly-recommended titles that will satisfy music lovers from across the spectrum. Artist: Neil Young + Promise of the Real. Title: Earth (Reprise).You might like if you enjoy: Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Tell me more: Neil Young is truly rock's most enduring explorer, challenging himself......


Prasanna - All-Terrain Guitar

There are plenty of guitar gods that go by a single name moniker. Jimi, Eric and Eddie to name a few. But if you expand your search to the eastern hemisphere, an unfamiliar name will qualify. If you don't know about Prasanna, prepare to be terrified," says guitar icon Guthrie Govan of the visionary guitarist who "plays like nobody on the planet" (All About Jazz) The Indian Renaissance man is a pioneer of Indian Carnatic music. The style consists of 72 melodic cycles called ragas and seven rhythmic ...


Owen Stevenson - Right Here and Now

Chicago based singer-songwriter Owen Stevenson has had exuberant experiences, as far as musical careers go for many aspiring artists. Fulfilling the performer role more than the artist one in recent years, he has a number of well-known venues in Chicago already under his belt, not to mention a few stints in some other states and out on sea across the world (as a cruise ship performer)....


Leslie Cours Mather – We Are America

As we celebrate America’s 240th birthday, there are some people out there who don’t understand the meaning of, or the reason for, American patriotism. Leslie Cours Mather wants to make sure everybody knows this is still the greatest country on earth, and she gets the message across in a big way with her new single, “We Are America.”...

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A Few Beers and a Chat with Dune Rats

If there’s one thing Dune Rats love, it’s having a damn good time and what better place than on tour with your best mates, plenty of beers and copious debauchery. We were lucky enough to chat with the sufficiently cooked three piece ahead of their massive gig at the Enmore with their best buds, DZ Deathrays and Violent Soho. The boys let us in on some nuggets of narcotic......


Mary Edwards and Murder on Music Row

One of the hardest-working, rising stars in the Nashville television, film and even literary world, is Mary Edwards. As of this writing, the Nashville-based entertainment impresario has no fewer than a half-dozen TV, film, and book projects in the works, with more new projects being added at a rapid clip. The project Mary is most proud of: “Murder On Music Row,” a fledgling TV......


Introducing NewTown

NewTown is one of the hottest Bluegrass acts going these days, and their new album, Harlan Road, finds the band sounding better than ever. With three new members, the group’s lineup now includes founders Kati Penn (vocals and fiddle) and her husband, Jr. Williams (vocals and banjo), with Hayes Griffin on guitar and vocals, Travis Anderson on bass and vocals, and Mitchell Cannon on mandolin....


Sydney’s Bin Juice Have Some Serious Explaining To Do

Alternative Sydney 5-piece, Bin Juice are consistent purveyors of dirty, hard hitting grooves. They sat down with Happy over some beers to get to the bottom of that irresistible sound and to help us decipher some of the finer details of what makes them tick. Strap in for something a little weird. Hey fellas, thanks for taking some time out, what have you guys been......


Introducing Southern Halo

Seldom does a performer or group actually have the ability to fulfill the promise of the hype surrounding them. Country vocal trio Southern Halo is one of those rare acts, though, that not only has the goods, but delivers them, and has the Nashville music industry paying serious attention. Comprised of teenage sisters Natalia (just turned 19), Christina (17), and Hannah Morris (16), Southern ......

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The 17 Best Photographs that Captured the Music of 2015

If a picture is worth a thousand words… then this article is well over my word count. As the new year kicks off, we look back at some of the best images from music in 2015. Marking some of the most memorable events from last twelve months; breakthroughs, comebacks and icons, in live and recorded music. Scroll down to see 2015 told through a selection of the most......


Gary Hoey Brings 20th Anniversary 'Ho Ho Hoey' Tour to San Juan Capistrano 

An acclaimed electric guitarist since the early 1990s, Gary Hoey has been one of the few contemporary six-string virtuosos to score a Top 5 Billboard instrumental rock hit (his 1993 cover of the Focus hit "Hocus Pocus") and create an expansive discography on his own terms. But of all Hoey's achievements, most bright are his trio of '90s holiday releases and his......


Ron Sexsmith at The Coach House - San Juan Capistrano, CA

Few songwriters have earned the level of well-deserved praise afforded Ron Sexsmith even while continuing to work mostly under the radar. Though the multi-Juno Award winner has earned notice from the celebrated likes of Elvis Costello, Elton John and Paul McCartney since releasing his solo debut album in 1995, the Canadian tunesmith has continued to perform at relatively small......


Hozier in Concert - Atlanta

Irish musician and singer / songwriter Hozier brought his unique musical style to the Chastain Park Amphitheatre in Atlanta, where he performed for a packed venue of fans. Hozier came to prominence with the release of his debut album, Take Me to Church, in 2013. In just two short years, he has garnered dedicated fans around the world and released......


Tesla in Concert - Atlanta

Hair Metal rockers Tesla made a stop on their tour at The Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta, where they rocked the house with their hits including "Comin' Atcha Live", "Gettin' Better", "Modern Day Cowboy", and "Love Song". Comprised of Jeff Keith on lead vocals, Brian Wheat on bass, guitarists Frank Hannon and Dave Rude, and drummer Troy Luccketta, Tesla has......


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